Sell a Foal

If you would like to sell your foal through the KWPN Online Foal Sale, please sign-in in MY KWPN. Participating foals must be registered at the KWPN. Once you sign in, we will send you a confirmation e-mail with an official registration form.

The selection criteria for the KWPN Online Foal Sale are as follows:
*   Foals must be free from external observable abnormalities (e.g. abnormal hocks, dissimilar/abnormal feet or an overbite).
*   Foals must have correct legs.
*   Foals must have a correct walk, trot, and canter.
*   Foals must be properly groomed. However, facial whiskers and hair on the inside of the ears must not be trimmed.

Foals registered for the sale will be received at 26th of August for selection by KWPN inspectors and filming at the KWPN Center in Ermelo.

The assessment of KWPN inspectors is binding. Foals will be filmed during the selection process. Each foal will be filmed with its dam, which will be presented by a KWPN-designated handler. After the selection process, foals may return to their home location.

Buy a Foal

You have an opportunity to register as a buyer right here, it’s easy!

We invite you to come see the foals on Foal Viewing Day, which runs concurrent with the selection and filming days.

Saturday 3rd of September the selected foals will be published in the KWPN foal auction website. The online bidding for selected foals will begin Saturday 10th of September and remain open for three days period and will close on Monday 12th of September.

Registering and Bidding

To register as a buyer  for the KWPN Online Auction, sign up here.

By registering for the auction, bidders automatically agree to the auction terms and conditions. These may be viewed by clicking on General Terms and Conditions from here.

This document describes all matters related to financial settlement, delivery, rights, and obligations. Registered bidders receive access to all general information on the auction collection. During the bidding period, bids may be placed by clicking on the bid icon next to the respective horse. If a bid is placed on a horse five minutes prior to the close of the auction, the auction for the respective horse will be extended by five minutes.

Auction Terms and Conditions

Sellers and bidders/buyers are presumed to understand the Auction Terms and Conditions. For Terms and conditions click here.